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About Silver Heart
Five years ago I released this book through and it was exciting, but when I changed publishers I found out what quality book publishing was.  I talked to my publishing company and it was decided to re-release The Silver Heart, under their publishing company and direction. I would love to say it is the same book, but it is not. My fans asked me what happens in the end. They felt like I just left off the ending.  Well, this book has more chapters to tell you what happens to Sue and her family.  We did lots of editing on the book and it is top quality now and the front cover is awesome.  I used the picture of Jaime with her black Quarter Horse, Trooper, so the cover is different. You can tell which is the 2022 version.  I am also going to do a blog as Sue and fill in what she felt and how she is doing now. Check out the blog for more of the story about this beautiful woman who worked hard to get where she was at the end of the book. 

The Silver Heart

Just finished reading the new book (The Silver Heart) written by my niece, Samantha Sheridan! I am so proud of you young lady!!!!! The story line is awesome, it was one I could not figure out until the end .......and then I wasn't ready for it to end. You ask what my emotions were while reading - I went from happiness, crying, back to putting myself in her shoes. Once again "It is a must read", please start the next chapter! - Vicki

This book was so good.  I read it twice now and each time I still cry.  The characters are so real.  They need to make this a movie.  I could see it on Hallmark. -Dusty W.

I just finished reading the book, The Silver Heart. It was a very good book.  The book kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next and had me reading until 2:30 a.m., because I didn’t want to put it down. This book had my emotions flowing as I went from happy to crying and back to happy. I am looking forward to the next book...  -Leann


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