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"All I Can Do" Sung by La Donna Brewer-Capps and Aaron Loy. Written by La Donna Brewer-Capps and Shara Johnson-Zimmerman 
"Her Heart is A Rodeo" was written and performed by Dustin Craig. In the March/April issue of America's Horse was a two page story on The Silver Heart book and the American Quarter Horses Association being written into the story of The Silver Heart.
Lee Gibson has been friends with Samantha Sheridan for a long time and when she updated The Silver Heart she had to add his song to the story. She needed a love song the couple could dance to and "Long Slow Night" was perfect for the story line.  Lee Gibson wrote and performs "Long Slow Night".  Go to to purchase the song. 
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In Loving Memory of Craig J. Martin
"I Have a Dream"

Samantha Sheridan would like to remember Craig J. Martin who passed unexpectedly July 3, 2020. Samantha talked to Craig in 2019 about featuring the song "I Have A Dream" as well as himself in the book, "Smoky Mountain Romance". Craig was happy to be part of the project.

From Samantha: "I knew when I heard this song it was perfect for my book and to add Craig into the story was even better.  He is the nicest man and a friend of mine told me more about him after he passed away.  I wish I had gotten to spend more time with him before he passed away.  I did send him the sections of the book he was written into so he was able to see himself in the book and how he was portrayed.  We miss you Craig and I am so happy you let me include you in my book so your memory could live on."


Silent Night, Mark Preston
Smoky Mountain Romance

When it was decided to work on a simple Christmas video to highlight the Christmas chapters in the book I wanted a special song.  Fortunately, Mark Preston had his rendition of  "Silent Night" and it was perfect.  I love how smoothly Mark sings the Christmas song and it is just what the residents of Kenton, TN would have sung for their firemen and paramedics who were fighting the fire on the mountain.  Thank you Mark for letting me use the song and please go to his website at to purchase one of his Christmas albums, or any other album he has for sale.  Our prayers go out to all the emergency room staff, fire fighters and paramedics that they get to go home after each shift safe and sound. 
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