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Samantha Sheridan found her love for the outdoors through her life of growing up on a farm.  As a child, she was raised on the west side of Colorado and learned about the Rocky Mountains, as well as the farming aspects of the west.  At the age of 6, the family moved back to her grandparent’s farm in West Central Ohio, but she could never get the mountains out of her system.  The closest thing was the Smoky Mountains, and her family went there regularly.  It was no surprise when her next book took place in the Tennessee mountains and was a romance.

With a major in communications at Wright State University, Lake Campus, Samantha moved on to become an on-air radio personality. She then moved to society editor for one of the local newspapers.  The newspaper is where she found her love of writing.  This gift continued to shine as Samantha started a promotion and marketing company. When a job became available as a manager at the new local high school Performing Arts Center, she was able to use all the skills she had developed over her lifetime.  Also, working for a company in Nashville has given Samantha the tools of adding music into her stories and using songs to promote her book.  Her last book, The Silver Heart, was written with the support of the American Quarter Horse Association, Montana Silver Smiths, and several Nashville songwriters. 

"I love what I do and I can't wait until my next book is published. I write with my heart and I want my characters to be believable and be your best friend or family member." 

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"I think living in Colorado molded part of me into who I am today. I love the outdoors and animals, so do the characters I write about. I grew up on a farm and loved it."
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