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 About Pam Egbert

    Pam Egbert's passion for writing has been a lifelong journey, starting during her college years with communication classes and later evolving through her work in radio and newspaper news departments. The inspiration for her first children's book, featuring Galon the Northern Pintail Duck, stemmed from observing ducks at her parent's pond. Intrigued by the charm and uniqueness of the male duck, she embarked on crafting a story that captivated readers of all ages.

    The impact of Pam's work extends far beyond the pages of her books. Her debut children's book, featuring Galon, has found purpose and resonance in adoption and foster programs across the country, touching the lives of many. La Donna Brewer-Capps, hailing from Nashville, even composed a heartfelt song titled "All I Can Do" dedicated to Galon, affectionately calling him her duck.

     Pam Egbert's creative ability to breathe life into animals and weave enchanting narratives has garnered a global following. Readers from various corners of the world have fallen in love with her storytelling prowess, appreciating the unique charm she brings to her characters.

With several more Galon sequels in the pipeline, Pam continues to share her love for storytelling, creating a world where animals come alive, and her readers are transported into enchanting realms filled with imagination and heartwarming tales. It's clear that Pam Egbert's dedication to her craft and the endearing world of Galon has left a lasting impression on readers of all ages.

"Galon the Northern Pintail Duck" marks Pam Egbert's debut as a children's book author. Inspired by the ducks she observed at a family pond, Egbert witnessed their harmonious cohabitation with other animals. One day, she seized the moment, pulling out a pad of paper from her truck, and began to craft her story.

The narrative unfolds around Galon, a Northern Pintail Duck, whose world is disrupted when his parents are chased off by a dog. In their absence, the pond community rallies together to hatch Galon's egg, showcasing the power of collective care and support.

As Galon navigates his unique situation, he grapples with feelings of not belonging to a traditional family. Throughout the book, readers witness Galon's journey of self-discovery, as he learns about the diverse forms of family and finds his place within the pond community.

"Galon the Northern Pintail Duck" serves as an engaging exploration of identity, belonging, and the meaning of family, offering young readers valuable lessons in empathy and acceptance. Through Galon's story, Egbert encourages readers to embrace differences and celebrate the bonds that unite us all.

Galon reaches out to adopted and foster children

   "Galon the Northern Pintail Duck" has been distributed to adoption and foster agencies across the United States, where it serves as a valuable resource for children facing similar challenges to Galon's. Through Galon's story, children who may not have traditional family structures find comfort and solace, realizing they are not alone in their experiences.

   As Galon navigates his own journey of acceptance and belonging, he becomes a symbol of resilience and hope for these children. His story empowers them to embrace their uniqueness and find strength in their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

   By reaching out to adoption and foster agencies, "Galon the Northern Pintail Duck" becomes a powerful tool for fostering empathy, understanding, and support among children from diverse backgrounds. It provides a platform for conversations about family, identity, and inclusion, ultimately helping children navigate their own paths with confidence and compassion.

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"A Pond's Promise: Embracing the Eclipse Together"

   Embark on a journey of discovery with Galon as he learns about the mysteries of an eclipse and witnesses the bustling preparations of the people in Wapakoneta. In this enchanting tale, Galon's curiosity leads him to explore the significance of the upcoming celestial event and its impact on the local community.

   As Galon observes the activities and excitement unfolding in Wapakoneta, he begins to ponder how the eclipse might affect him and the animals around the pond. Will the sudden darkness alter their usual routines? Will they feel the same sense of wonder and awe as the humans witnessing the spectacle?

   With each encounter and revelation, Galon's anticipation grows, and he eagerly shares his findings with his animal friends. Together, they speculate on the possible effects of the eclipse and eagerly await its arrival, curious to see how it will unfold in their tranquil corner of the world.

Filled with captivating illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, "Galon's Discovery: An Eclipse Adventure in Wapakoneta" is a tale of curiosity, community, and the wonders of the natural world. Join Galon and his friends as they embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and anticipation, where every moment brings new excitement and possibility.

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