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The Silver Heart and All I Can Do are a Perfect Match

When I started to think about the marketing for The Silver Heart, I wanted something that was perfect for the book. This book was written with my heart, and I let the book take its own path as it developed. I wrote this book in the late 90’s and I put myself in the place of the character and how much she loved life and those in her life. When she fell in love, she fell in love hard and with all her heart. My emotions went into the characters, and I felt each one of them.

La Donna Brewer-Capps sent me “All I Can Do” for a friend of mine and when I heard it, I knew it was the song for my book. All of us have had that one guy we fell in love with that we gave a piece of our heart away to them. It might have been the boy we fell in love with in high school or the guy who made us laugh and could finish our sentences later in life. We drove by their house to see if they were home or wanted to pick up the phone can call them. Make things right between you because you still loved them with all your heart. Mistakes were made and you want to fix them, just to say I love you again. “All I Can Do,” says all of that.

It is no surprise to any of my family members or close friends that music is part of my life. I was the little girl who had a stick and was using the picnic table as a stage. Or singing in the backseat of the car while on long drives with my family. Once in high school, I was in choir and the girl’s ensemble. After high school, I took vocal lessons from a sweet lady in New Knoxville and still sing in the car, or any place else that has a great song playing.

Music takes on a life of its own and for someone talented, a song can come to life and be part of that person’s life. Garth Brooks’ song, “The Dance,” has been played so many times for different situations and was used when Dale Earnhardt hit the wall at Daytona. A song can carry us through hard times, and it can be sung with a bunch of girls in a car on a shopping trip, laughing as they try to sound like the artist on the radio. The words can speak to the person you want to send the song to. Tell them what you are feeling.

“All I Can Do” brought back the same emotions for me as many of you felt when you read The Silver Heart. I laugh when I say this because when I reread my book I cried when I got to a certain part in the book, and I knew the story and the end. I was so caught up in the book I felt the emotions all over again.

I hope you purchase a copy of “All I Can Do” and listen to it while you are reading The Silver Heart. Grab a glass of wine or sweet tea and relax. Curl up in your favorite chair and just let the music and the book pull you into their world. Those are the best times.

Samantha Sheridan

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