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Galon Has My Heart and Discovers Eclipse.

Dear readers,

I must begin by extending my sincerest apologies for the hiatus in my blog posts. The whirlwind of releasing "Zoey's Christmas Wish" and now "A Pond's Promise: Embracing the Eclipse Together" has kept me incredibly busy. Additionally, my involvement in the Christmas Jubilee, where we had the honor of providing meals to 104 families and gifts to over 260 children, has been both fulfilling and time-consuming.

As I pondered my plans for 2024, my thoughts inevitably turned to Galon, my beloved duck character who has been absent from my writing for far too long. However, a remarkable event on the horizon captured my imagination – the total solar eclipse slated for April 8th in the Ohio valley. I couldn't help but wonder how this celestial phenomenon might impact the animal kingdom. Would they comprehend the sudden darkness that envelops their world?

Inspired by this idea, I found myself crafting a story centered around Galon's adventures during the eclipse. Through his perspective, I explore how he aids his fellow creatures in understanding and preparing for the rare event. Flying over Wapakoneta, Galon observes the bustling preparations of the local residents for the influx of visitors expected to witness the eclipse. With the town bracing for a potential surge of 100,000 people in a community of roughly 10,000, anticipation runs high. The Armstrong Air and Space Museum, downtown merchants, Chamber, and even the Auglaize County Fairgrounds are abuzz with plans for festivities, including the Ring of Fire festival.

Yet, amidst the excitement, the heart of the story lies in Galon's poignant conversation with Barbara Bird and the profound dedication of the book to my father. My dad's lifelong dream of having a pond attracted a myriad of wildlife, ultimately birthing the character of Galon. It's a tribute to his memory and the profound impact he had on my life and creativity.

I am thrilled to share this heartfelt tale with you, dear readers, and I hope it brings as much joy and inspiration to you as it has to me. Stay tuned for updates and more adventures with Galon!

Warm regards,


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