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Dogs Love Their Owners

This week people on social media were posting pictures of their dogs for National Dogs Day and sharing their pride in their pets. I, of course, had to share photos of my little Rosie as well. There is something about the love between a dog, and it’s owner.

Since I was a little girl, we always had a dog around the farm. In Colorado, we had a yellow mutt who was my best friend, and when we moved back to Ohio, we had several German Shepherds. Each of the dogs was beside us when we worked around the barns or sat in the back yard at night, looking up at the stars.

I have had several dogs over the years, all of which I loved like a family member. Fifteen years ago, a little gray puppy walked into my life and changed it. I purchased a Weimaraner, and we named him Fender Stracastor Nashville, Fender for short. Fender was the first dog I felt as if he was my soul dog. He knew when I was going to be sick, and he was my constant companion. When I broke my shoulder and wrist from being thrown by a horse, Fender would help me sit up on the couch and gave me the support I needed. Fender never left my side. When he lost control of his hips, it killed me to have to look in his eyes as they put him down. It was as if I was losing a part of my heart and soul.

Now I have a little dog, the first small dog I have ever had. Rosie is a Cockalier, and she is adorable. She knows it, by the way. Rosie is such a priss sometimes, and other times she has to hit the new rain puddle in the driveway and splash through it. I purchased her on my dad’s birthday, and I think she was sent from heaven. She is my new love and a big part of my family. Yes, she might be spoiled just a little.

Because of the role dog play in people’s lives, I have included them in the story lines of my books. Some people carry them around in purses and dress them up; others have them sleeping with them every night or use them as guard dogs for their family. They are part of the family, and we treat them that way. Special treats are purchased, and toys come home with us from the store. In Smoky Mountain Romance, Tucker goes with Alexa hiking and, at one point, finds a man who has fallen over the side of the mountain and needed help. He is an Australian Shepard who loves to play in the snow, diving in drift after drift.

Dogs are special to many of us, and they touch our hearts in various ways. They look at us with a goofy look, turning their heads from left to right as if questioning our comment, or they sit by the sink to let us know their water dish is empty, or they climb under the covers on the bed to let us know it is time to go to bed. They make us laugh, they play fetch with their toy, and they give more love than we can even conceive possible from a pet. That is the reason we smile when we see a new toy at the store, and it goes into our cart.

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