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Horses Become Part of Your Heart and Your Life

While working on The Silver Heart, I came across an artist, Tim Cox, and the pictures he paints are fabulous. With the theme of The Silver Heart being love, horses, and music, I talked to him about using his paintings in the promotions of my book, and he gave me approval. So today, I am going to show you one of his pictures he recently put on his Facebook page.

When I think of Sue being on the ranch and working with the horses, I think about who she is and her love of the horse. What started as a fascination and adoring the horses became part of her life. Once she moved to Texas, she was working with the horses, and she became part of their world. They became part of her world. She would have worn a pair of chaps and had a cowboy hat on when she was out riding.

I had a black quarter horse we called Trooper because he was attacked as a foal by a big dog. It took the vet two hours to stitch him up. We cared for his wounds and gave him all the love in the world to help him heal and keep the wounds from being scars, both physically and mentally. He was never fearful of dogs after that, and he was the most loving horse. Trooper went with his mom, Missy, to Pete Oen’s barn for Pete to work with Missy, and Pete cared for Trooper as well.

Trooper, aka Rowdy’s Rappin Bar, was my world. When my dad had cancer, I came home many times to wrap my arms around his neck, and he knew I needed him. There were days I cried on his neck, and he leaned into me to let me know he was there for me. It was always a joy to bring him out and walk with him or watch while he grazed on the grass in the field next door. I think for some of us, there is a feeling of being loved as you step up in the saddle and just ride to wherever the path takes you. You trust the 1200 pound animal below you to take care of you and trust you to take care of them.

When I look at this picture, I think about the horses I have had in my life and the horses my friends have. They post pictures of their rides on a warm day or the first ride when the fall leaves are changing. There is that connection with the horse who is meant to be part of your world and heart. Those horses never leave your barn.

Unfortunately, Trooper and my mare, Missy, were both out of the Impressive breed line, and both of them passed away early. They both got sick and died shortly after. No amount of money could save them, and the vet had nothing to help but pain relief. When I lost Trooper, I cried for days, and it hid away to grieve for him. I loved that horse, and he loved me. He was my best friend, confident and love. To have that connection with a horse is a remarkable thing. I still miss him so much.

Find your animal, be it a horse or your new puppy, loving dog, or the cat who purrs to you when he wants love. They can be that light at the end of the tunnel or the joy of laughing as they chase their tail or curl up on your lap.


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