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The Silver Heart has new Publisher

The Silver Heart as always been the book I wrote with my heart. I wrote it in the 90's and I put it away when another book company wanted me to break it up into two books. I know it is long and I know it is more expensive, but the feelings you get from the characters and how it pulls you into the story is why I have not taken that deal.

What made me want to release the book with my new publisher? The answer is easy. I have a new publisher and their work is phenominal. The front cover is more vivid and they have done an excellent job on the inside of the book. My fans also let me know they wanted more. They thought I just dropped off at the end and they were lacking more of a story. With those comments I added more chapters to the book, which makes it a bigger book lol.

I also contacted Montana Silversmiths and they let me use one of their new heart necklaces on the front of the book. It can be purchased on their website and it goes with just about everything. I made sure Jaime had one, since she is on the front cover of the book with her horse, Trooper. You can purchase the necklace at

Pete Oen is still in the book and he takes a greater part in the new chapters of the book. Pete made the Million Dollar Trainer club two years ago and he continues to train top quality barrel horses on his new ranch in Oklahoma.

I am just so proud of this book and I believe it in and how it grabs the reader's heart strings. I read the book again to check for any changes and I cried at one point. I wrote the book and I still teared up. I laughed because I know the ending. haha.

We have some fun things planned this summer for the release of the book and I will keep you up to date on all of it. I have also decided to write a journal from Sue so you can travel through the book with her. Give you some insight into what she was feeling and why she dd what she did at times.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you when the book comes out.


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