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We Grow With Our Team Around Us

This morning I was sitting here thinking about everything I am doing with my new book, Smoky Mountain Romance, and how I am getting it all done. Putting together a book is not just putting words on the paper and hit the send button. There is the front cover to design, description of the book, and so many other items on a checklist.

When I last talked to my design team, they gave me a list of things to do. First was the Facebook page. That sounds easy, but you need to think about the cover photo and the profile picture and then write the About paragraph. All of which needs to have an impact with your followers and give them a reason to read through your page. Then there are the regular posts to keep your fans up to date on everything going on. What do I say today?

Next on the list was a website. What colors do I want to use? What kind of template do I want? What pictures do I want on the pages? What pages do you want to design? All these questions need to be decided long before the website designer could start on the page. I am very blessed to have Jessica Stitzel Website Design on my team. She knows me, and Jess also knows what I like. Jessica puts up with me well when I get picky and want changes, some little and some big.

I am blessed to have James Bruce helping with the marketing, and Summer Sky Music in Nashville is taking on marketing for my book as well. La Donna Brewer-Capps has some friends who can help with my book promotions. And then there is ProDuctions PR LLC, who does everything for me.

When I looked for a song to use in my book, I talked to Craig J. Martin, Nashville. He was a friend of mine on Facebook, and he posted some of his music one day, and I went to his Reverbnation page to check out his songs. I found an original called “I Have A Dream” that I fell in love with. Craig permitted me to use his song in my book and for promotions. I told him I would give him lots of advertising. He laughed, and I sent him parts of my book, which he became a character in the book. Since that time, we have lost Craig to a heart attack, and it broke my heart. Craig was the nicest guy and so talented.

No matter what business you are in, you need a team. A group of people who are good at what they do and can help you up the ladder of success is essential. It doesn’t matter if it is a publicist or your employees who greet each customer who walks in the door. Each and everyone on your team makes you who you are. They teach you, help you grow, and some protect you from bad outside influences or decisions. I am blessed, and I adore everyone on my team. They have my back, and I have theirs.


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