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And The Semi Pulls Up To My House

And The Semi Pulls Up To My House

I have been in the mood to change a few things around the house and to clean out drawers and cabinets each week to fill one garbage bag. An older woman who used to live next to me once told me if you haven’t touched something for one year, then pitch it. Of course, antiques are excluded from that because most of those are on display in our homes.

One year I got in the mood to clean out my kitchen cupboards, and if I haven’t used it in a year, I pitched them. Well, that worked well until I needed a bundt pan for a cake I wanted to take to an event. Yep, I threw the bundt pan away, and I didn’t have a bundt pan. I now own a bundt pan again, and this one is not going to be pitched. Lesson learned, not all things should be tossed.

So back to my story about working on my office. Over seven years ago, I had to put in new walls and carpet in my basement due to black mold from a flooded basement years before. Since we were doing the renovations, I moved my office to the basement, and I set it up a new office. Over the years, I have hung pictures of people I have worked with like Foghat, Three Dog Night, Mark Preston from The Lettermen, and I got to meet the Emergency show star, Randolph Mantooth. I also have some autographed pictures from The Everly Brothers, Alabama, Gene Kelly, and a signed cd from the movie Beaches, with Bette Midler’s name on it. All these items are framed and hanging on one wall.

Besides putting a countertop on the back wall, bridging two cupboards, to hold my printer and several other things, I have not done much in the office. It was pretty basic. When the Covid-19 hit, I started to work off my kitchen table and my laptop because of convenience and being able to watch the news as I worked.

Each week I still take one extra bag of something out to the trash pickup. So, back to the beginning of the story, if I haven’t touched in a year, I am going to throw it away if it has no relevance. In the back of one of the cabinets, I found Dole/Kemp for President buttons and small bumper stickers. Okay, so I haven’t completely cleaned this cabinet for a long time. There is now an envelope ready to mail out to a bandleader I used to do booking and marketing for their band. Sending him some things I thought he would like.

After cleaning the cupboards out, I looked around and decided to upgrade my office furniture. I logged into, and I found a cabinet that would sit on top of the countertop and will be great for storage; it has doors! It was on sale, and that was another bonus to it.

Last night I had a phone call asking if they could deliver my cabinet between 10 and 2 on Thursday. I agreed; they said they would call 30 minutes from arrival, and I hung up the phone. I wondered why the cabinet was not coming by UPS, like any other Overstock or Wayfair goods. Then the semi-truck backed into the neighbor’s driveway to deliver my furniture. Note to self: Besides checking the dimensions of a piece of furniture…check the weight. The lovely truck driver wheeled my box, no it is not put together, across my lawn on a pallet and a big dolly. We both used all our energy to slide it up on my front porch, and that is where it sits now. I called my grandson and have bribed him with warm chocolate cupcakes to help me with this cabinet. Stay tuned to how this goes. I am hoping it only takes maybe pliers and a screwdriver. It will be a great bonding time with my grandson. Hoping not to hear “Grandma, stop. I can do this.” haha

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