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Finding Your Hobby to Relax

Most everyone has a hobby or something they do for relaxation. I have friends who can make beautiful crocheted blankets and those who love to do wreaths for doors and walls. Over the years, I have learned to do many things, and I can find something to do when I am looking for some relaxation or time to feel creative.

Growing up, I was the one in charge of making meals during the farming seasons. I started with the easy things to send out to the fields and have waiting for everyone to come in to eat, and I advanced to tilting jello in the refrigerator and adding whipped cream and fruits to make it even more beautiful. I am not sure my family shared my view of a fancy dessert; they were tired and just wanted to eat. (laughing)

Over the years, I found cooking to become a relaxing thing for me. I love to take a few ingredients, making them look appetizing, and something the person sharing dinner with me wants to dig in. I have a lot of cookbooks, and I would love to say I use them, but I don’t. I see something and think about how I want to replicate it in my own way. How can I make it healthier or lighter, or give it more flavor?

When I went to the market this week, I purchased some chicken tenders, a jar of pesto, and a box of linguine to make a meal. Today I felt creative, and I pulled the ingredients together. I also used Amanda’s Grill Friend Steak Rub seasoning salt on the chicken. I love this seasoning salt because of all the spices it has in it. It is a little sweet and salty.

Cooking doesn’t have to be about a lot of work. It can be a part of you when you let your creative juices flow. Add the seasonings as you go. I purchased a spice rack, and I love pulling out something new to use. Getting to know your spices is essential. If I don’t know what a spice can be used for, I look it up online.

Have fun with your cooking, and don’t be afraid of it. It can be something simple. Don’t stress out over it. Enjoy it and relax.

P.S. I have so much fun plating my food. I went out to my herb garden and snipped some parsley to decorate the plate.


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