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Out on a Sunday Drive

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love music. My biggest music collection is country music. The reason for that being country music seems to tell more of a story than some other genres of music. There are times you feel like you are that song, that is you in that song.

Today I found a song from Brett Elderidge, called “Sunday Drive”. I found it while I was listening to YouTube, Those Sunday drives were me. My dad would load up the car and we would drive to where ever we ended up. The drive would somehow involve a stop for ice cream or a stop at an L&K restaurant for a piece of their strawberry pie.

Looking back I now remember looking out the window and listening to WOWO radio, Ft. Wayne radio station, my dad listened to. I would sing along with a song and my mom would promptly tell me to stop. Haha Her reasoning was she wanted to listen to the song on the radio rather than my mix with it. I always laughed and ended up singing the songs quietly in the back seat.

There were times when the weather directed our car. I remember the year a tornado hit just outside of Sidney. Dad drove slowly down the country roads, seeing the houses that stood tall, and those which were nothing more than a pile of bricks. No one said anything, it was quiet in the car as we saw people’s belongings scattered all over the horizon. I remember being sad as I saw houses that were gone but the barn was still standing and the cattle were standing out in a field, surviving the strong winds. The people were walking around with plastic laundry hampers, filling them with their possessions scattered about.

Those Sunday Drives were something I loved. We got to see the countryside and sometimes we went to parks or drove around one of the three lakes we have around our house. We looked at houses in Indian Lake and at the time it was a big deal there was a house for sale that Hugh Downs owned at one time. Or see what remained of the old Indian Lake amusement park and roller rink.

Sunday memories now that I wish I could recreate with my dad and spend more time with him. Now I can only remember those times because he passed due to cancer. What I wouldn’t give for another Sunday with my dad or another Sunday drive.

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